• An innovator in the industry, Bonney’s became the first transport company in Auckland to cart bulk products when in 1960s they began carting bulk flour in tankers – quite a change from 72kg bags.

• In 1966 Bonney’s sold coal trucks to their then driver Neil Otway who founded Coal Lines Transport and later formed Trans Otway in Auckland and Bruce and Ian Hall of I&B Hall in Mangatangi.

• From 1970 – 73 Calven served his time as a fitter and turner at Mayo and Sons, once complete he left to do a three-month International Vintage Car Rally around the South Island.

• On his return home he jumped straight into a Bonney’s TK Bedford before being promoted to a Mercedes Benz semi and trailer carting sand and coal for the next year.

• Calven met 1973 he met Ann Rambaud, a nurse from Papatoetoe whose father also owned trucks. They met after a truck vs car on the corner of the Great South Road and Church St, just a stone’s throw away from the current Bonney’s yard.

• Married in 1975 they have three children Pamela, Travers and Stephanie all born in quick succession between 1978 and 1982.

• Keen to make his own way Calven formed CD Bonney Ltd in 1973, purchasing his first truck – a four-cylinder two stroke 1952 Foden to cart phosphate off the Ports of Auckland to fertiliser companied in the Waikato. The same year he replaced the Foden for a 1966 Mercedes 1418.

• From there in partnership with Bonney’s he won the business to cart bulk grain and bagged flour for Bycroft’s and Champion. By 1974 his fleet had expanded to three trucks with the addition of a second 1418 Merc and a K Series Ford.

• In 1974 Calven was elected to the Board of the National Road Carriers and remains on it today. • Lyle Bonney passed away in 1974 and Rita, Alven and Selwyn continued to run the business.