Container Service Level Agreement

Uplift of imports from port:

  • Auckland ports: Three business days after the container has cleared or we have been notified that it is available for pick up. This includes but is not limited to: Port of Auckland, Metroport and Rail
  • Port of Tauranga and Northport: By arrangement.

Import containers – Bulk tipping:

  • Continue to be booked directly with Bulk Despatch

Import containers

  • Devanning: Six business days
  • Dekitting and/or cleaning: One business day
  • Container Dehire: Five business days
  • Container transfers: Our warehouse manager will book these in and advise availability at time of booking.

SLA for multiple services:

  • The combined total of the business days allowed for each service provided. 

Peak planning:

Due to the ongoing supply chain crisis causing ongoing lumpiness in the arrival of stock – we are continually reviewing our capacity to receive product into our warehouse.

In the instance that we do not have capacity to devan within our existing service level agreement days we will notify the customer on the timeframe for the containers to be devanned.

In this instance we are unable to accept any liability for detention charges.

Update: December 22, 2021

The supply chain crisis continues and a wave of containers are arriving in and around the Christmas break.

This significant influx of containers over the December period has resulted in our container yard reaching maximum capacity.

Our Container Division will be working through to ensure that we uplift import containers from the port and deliver exports.

We need to maintain a safe work environment for our people to achieve this at the current levels we focus on efficient and safe container movements. This can reduce our ability to work to FIFO. 

The increase in import containers has also resulted in our warehouses reaching maximum storage capacity.

Our teams are working thorugh the short weeks and public holidays to devan and dehire as many containers as they can within our SLA.

Containers that require devanning are being completed as promptly as possible. The emphasis is still on managing containers based on FIFO this will at times not be achievable.

These circumstances are beyond our control and reflect the broader global environment that we are operating in.

While we are making every effort to meet our SLAs, due to the circumstances we are unable to guarantee that your containers are dehired within our standard SLAs or accept any expenses incurred from shipping companies.

We are continuously reviewing the situation and will provide updates as the situation eases.